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When was the last time you actually felt something?


Or are you overwhelmed by feeling too much?


These aren’t meant to be flippant questions so let me ask them another way…


When was the last time you really felt your real emotions?


If you, like most people, think that when you get lost, frustrated, overwhelmed or stressed that you are giving in to your emotions I have good news for you.  


If you, like many, wonder why you often feel little or nothing in what normally would be a happy or sad situation, I also have good news for you.


The truth is these feelings are a direct result of becoming detached and separated from your true emotions. 


When this happens you lose your ability to move forward in your personal life, your professional life and in establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships. 


In fact, you lose all that makes you, you.


Do you ever

… look at your life and ask yourself “Is this it?”

… wonder why you are not as happy as you’d like to be?

… notice you repeat the same things day after day without meaning?

… believe that your life is in balance, yet don’t experience any real highs or lows?


If you are relating to any of the questions above there is an answer for you


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Reconnect & Align

Are you a fragmented person?

Are there pieces of you that you can’t connect with?

Are there parts of you that you deny because of old pain?


When these feelings take hold they are very hard to shake, but not impossible.


My name is Fiona Maguire and I’m here to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. How do I know this? Because my clients see and reach this light every day.


I can help you reconnect with the parts of you that you are denying, can’t understand or don’t know how to fix.

Together we can make you whole again.

Together we can get you back on a faster track to living the life that you were meant to live.

So you can embrace a future that you deserve.


recon align1 Reconnect & Alignrecon align2 Reconnect & Align


As we live our lives, we experience painful events:

  • Divorce
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Experiences at school
  • Work issues
  • Death of loved ones
  • The pain of a divided life
  • Relationship issues
  • Child-rearing challenges
  • Conflict between two careers
  • Identity crises


Quite often we can leave parts of ourselves wrapped up and stuck in those events.


While we might not acknowledge those parts, they are still there, affecting our behaviour, altering our world views, and even impacting how we treat others.


Even in our everyday business interactions, even if we are the boss, we can be deeply affected by these types of unresolved energy drains.


Very often, we are most critical with others about exactly those parts of us that we have separated from.


But I can help you to become whole again, no matter how fragmented you may feel right now.


Not sure if you’re fragmented?

Take this quiz.

  • Do you find yourself so uncomfortable in some situations that you are crippled with fear or anxiety?
  • Do you struggle to maintain relationships; finding that no matter how much you try, they always fall apart?
  • Do you find yourself unable to move your relationships or careers forward?
  • Are there certain people you are unable to talk about?
  • Do you have difficulty relating to people of a certain age, gender, ethnicity, or faith?
  • Do you find yourself regressing to an early stage in your life when something, often unconsciously, reminds you of another time, place, or person?
  • Do you find yourself apologizing or giving in to others during conflicts, even if you are the boss? Does it happen often even when you are right?


The more questions you answered Yes to, the more fragmented you are – but don’t worry because I’m here to help.


Let’s get started!

Contact me to register for your FREE 20-minute consultation or

call me on 07929 589923 to schedule the first session of your healing TODAY!


Overcome Depression

image001 Overcome Depression

Depression is like an anchor that you carry every day.


It slows you down and keeps you from “flying” the way that you deserve to.

It’s time to drop your burden and begin to live the way you want.

Depression is not something that you will have for life. It is an illness that you can recover from.

I will give you the tools to overcome your depressive illness and show you how to put your life back into your own hands.


overcome2 Overcome Depressionovercome1 Overcome Depression


Do you want to feel 90% better after just one session?

Call me today, for a free 20 minute consultation.


While everyone’s depression is their own, here are some things we will do to help you get your life back.

  • Release old emotion and pain: you cannot move forward if you are still hauling the weight of yesterday.
  • Stop replaying old memories: like a broken record, memories can continually replay, adding to your downward mood.
  • Learn new ways to deal with emotions and stress: you can’t change your present if you simply repeat the patterns of the past.
  • Recognize and celebrate your strengths: right now, you might not know you have them but you do. We will draw them out and highlight them.
  • Build more supportive relationships: if your relationships do not affirm your new path, they will make it harder to stay on it.
  • Goal setting and knowing what you really want: the fog of depression can make it extremely difficult to succeed. We will set goals for your growth and find out what your real dreams are.


 Contact me by email or phone today.

07929 589 923


Drugs don’t solve your depression alone. Whether they are prescribed or not, drugs only mask the root causes of depression. Working with me, you will learn to unearth the roots of your depression and replant a new, healthier pattern for your life. I will not advise you whether to take drugs or not, this is between you and your doctor.


No one can do this for you. Only you can tackle your depression. Only you can decide that enough is enough. Only you can see that you are only surviving rather than living. Only you can decide to call or email me and get started on a new life pattern for you.


No one can do this alone. Depression is a huge weight to bear. Doing it alone is difficult and rarely succeeds. That’s why I am here to help you bear this burden until you can set it down completely and move on.


There is no instant fix. Generally, it takes 3 to 10 sessions for you to fly. Together we set tasks for you to do between sessions to keep you moving forward.


Contact me by email or phone today.

07929 589 923


Know your Emotions

Do you sometimes lose control?

Don’t understand what you’re feeling or why?

“….it’s Fiona’s talents in the energy department that really blow me away. Feelings and thoughts that seem irresistibly strong, simply melt and give way to the calm that lies beneath with Fiona’s tools and techniques.

I would highly recommend her to anyone feeling out of balance in any way, on any level, physical, mental or emotional. She knows her stuff and will really help you deal with yours!”

Love Paul


How have you been taught to deal with your emotions?


To bury an emotion and thus hold unto it requires a lot of energy and often leads to dis-ease physically and mentally.


To become the emotion and “let rip” might release some of the physiological effects of the emotion but is likely to lead to undesired outcomes and poor relationships.

Your ability to understand, express and release your emotions is a key factor to obtaining optimum health and wellbeing.

emotions XSmall Know your Emotions

It is very normal and healthy to have a whole range of emotions.  Knowing your emotions will enable you to express yourself appropriately i.e. knowing where, when and how.  More importantly I will give you a range of tools to clear the physiological effect the emotion has created in your body.


This will enable you to release and clear emotions by yourself in a safe and beneficial way that will allow you to go about your day as if nothing had happened (for an example see scenarios below).

Access the message that the emotion has for you.

In order to do this you need to feel and accept the emotion first.  Once you have listened to the message of the emotion you will know what is happening in You and in your environment and You will know what to do.


Then the emotion will release itself.


If you manage to ‘clear’ an emotion without receiving its message first the emotion will reappear, and more strongly, the next opportunity it gets.

Denial of emotion is not clearing it
and is a long way off releasing it



Emotions take up a lot of energy


Scenario 1

angry 216x300 Know your EmotionsYou have had an argument with your partner before you leave for work.  When you arrive at work five minutes late your boss has go at you.  As a result of the way you are already feeling you have a go back at your boss and in doing so potentially affect your chances of promotion.



Scenario 2

Same situation as above, however before you go into work you have released the emotion around the argument.  When your boss has a go at you, you are now able to just let this wash over you.  Later on the same day your boss apologises and tells you that you are an asset to the company.


The Value of Knowing your emotions, Emotional Intelligence

Research has shown that:


“Emotional intelligence is the most important factor in predicting whether someone leads a happy and successful life.”

Goleman, D. 1996


Emotional intelligence includes:

  • Self awareness
  • Impulse control
  • Empathy
  • The ability to motivate oneself
  • The art of listening
  • Resolving conflict
  • Cooperation

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